At Wildern we believe that homework is a necessary part of learning as it is used to consolidate the work completed in class. It reinforces positive attitudes towards learning, broadens and extends the school curriculum and gives opportunities for students to develop their creative thinking. It works best when home/school partnerships are strong and embedded.

At KS3 (Years 7 and 8) all departments will set homestudy tasks. Homestudy tasks are extended

projects (usually half termly in length – though this may vary) which encourage students to

develop lifelong learning skills as well as curriculum knowledge.

At KS3 homestudy is:

  • Used to promote independent learning in order to support, extend and consolidate progress.
  • Used to develop skills and attitudes students need for successful lifelong learning e.g. enquiry, independent research, creativity & critical skills.
  • Used to develop organisational skills and personal study skills.
  • Used to help teachers identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual students.
  • Differentiated and appropriate to the learning needs and style of the student.
  • Set in the context of a scheme of work.
  • Available on the WIN/ google classroom.
  • Part of the process that helps students to work to deadlines.
  • Part of the process that invites parental involvement in student learning.

At KS4 homework is:

  • Used to consolidate and extend on learning in the classroom.
  • Used to practice skills needed for success in examinations.
  • Used to help teachers identify individual student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Differentiated and appropriate to the learning needs and style of the students.
  • Given in accordance with the school’s homework entitlement timetable.

In order to facilitate the transition from Year 6 to Year 7  and based on parental feedback , homestudy tasks will be phased in throughout Year 7. This gives students the opportunity to successfully develop the skills of independent learning.

The programme for the phasing in of Homestudy will be as follows:

  • September - Core subjects - (Information and Communication Technology, English, Science and Maths and MFL vocabulary).
  • December – Modern Foreign Languages and Creative and Media.
  • Feb /March – Humanities and Technology.
  • Summer term and throughout Year 8 – all subjects to set homestudy regularly in line with school policy.