Assessment & Reporting

The process of recording, reviewing and assessing student progress is essential, we believe, in ensuring students make excellent progress. It is an area where close co-operation between school and home is critical in supporting all students with understanding their key areas of development.

We use several ways to do this across an academic year.

Personal Learning Reviews: at the start of the year all parents are invited to an initial target setting meeting. Students are encouraged to consider the targets set by their teachers in the previous year’s report and to focus on specific targets in key subjects. This process is then reviewed in February and with a final reflection in June.

Parent consultation evenings: There is an opportunity to discuss student progress at these evenings for all year groups. However, Year 7 have two evenings, one with the tutor and one with subject teachers and also Year 11 have two evenings with subject teachers for ongoing discussion regarding progress towards their final GCSE exams.

Wildern Assessment Data (WAD): three to four times a year subject staff are asked to comment on a students’ progress, performance, attitude, behaviour and homework. This information helps staff and students to set targets to improve standards of achievement. When this data is collected on students it is communicated to parents through the Parent App, reports or parents evenings.

Written report: This is written at the end of the academic year and is a summary of the learning and attitude that has taken place throughout the year. Here a target for each subject will be set to be used during the PLRs in the next academic year.