Senior Leadership Team


Headteacher: Miss Marie-Louise Litton

Miss Litton has strategic oversight of the school, community and new free schools.


Associate Headteacher: Mrs Ceri Oakley

Mrs Oakley is responsible for the day-to-day management and operation of the school. She line manages English, Maths and Science departments and teaches History.

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 Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral): Mr Mark Chance

Mr Chance is responsible for Pastoral Care and SEN. He line manages all Directors of Progress and Achievement (DOPAs) and teaches RE.


Assistant Headteacher (Student Progress): Mrs Michelle Wade

Mrs Wade is responsible for student progress and achievement. She line manages the Design and Technology department and teaches Science.


Assistant Headteacher (KS4): Mrs Natasha Cowan

Mrs Cowan is responsible for KS4, Year 11 examination preparation and the timetable. She line manages MFL and ICT departments and teaches Maths.


Assistant Headteacher (KS3): Mr Matthew Jones

Mr Jones is responsible for KS2-3, KS3, reports and Personal Learning Reviews (PLRs). He line manages Business Studies and Creative and Media departments and teaches English.


Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning): Mrs Sally Wheeler

Mrs Wheeler is responsible for the development of teaching staff – SCITT, NQT and whole staff. She line manages the PE and Humanities department and teaches Science.


Assistant Headteacher (KS4 intervention and school ICT systems): Mr Matthew Knight

Mr Knight is responsible for KS4 interventions – Odyssey, Moirai, Leagues and the ICT systems across the school. He line manages the Media and Moral and Social Studies (MSS) departments and teaches Maths and ICT.


Business Manager: Mrs Hilary Manton

Mrs Manton oversees all aspects of school finance and all central services at Wildern and other schools within the Trust.