Tartan skirts

Dear Parent/Guardian

After such a successful launch with the new tartan skirts and the positive feedback from parents and within the community, we will now be introducing the new skirt from September 2019 for all girls’ (Years 7-10) uniform comprises of either the tartan skirt or straight legged/boot-cut black trousers. Year 11 girls, for this year only (2019-20), would be able to wear their black skirts.

We believe that by making a decision now we are providing parents with sufficient lead-in time for next year’s change. However, students are able to change from wearing their black skirt to wearing the tartan skirt at any time throughout this year if they wish to do so.

Having spoken to Skoolkit, they have agreed to provide a 10% discount as we will have 4 year groups wearing the skirt.

This, we feel, is a timely amendment to our uniform as we have not reviewed this policy for many years and do believe that the black skirts are not fit for purpose as they are in places too short and time is being taken in addressing this rather than focusing on learning.

We would like to thank you for your continued support with uniform; it is our belief that if students are appropriately dressed for school, they are in the correct mind-set for learning and the expectations this brings.