Shoe Box Collection Results

A massive well done again to the tremendous amount of shoe boxes that were donated on Thursday. Wildern managed to nearly double last year's total of 150 boxes to 295 boxes. The overall amount was 669 including our feeder schools and local charities that were taken from the D@rt on Saturday. Absolutely brilliant!!

- now for the House Results you have all been waiting for...

We have based these results on an average number of shoe boxes donated per house to recognise that some houses have more tutor groups than others.

Winning House: Alba 65 boxes (average of 5.9 boxes per tutor group)

Driscoll: 59 boxes (average of 5.3 boxes per tutor group)

Bedford: 49 boxes (average of 4.45 boxes per tutor group)

Sovereign: 42 boxes (average of 4.2 boxes per tutor group)

Paxton: 42 boxes (average of 3.8 boxes per tutor group)

Jubilee: 38 boxes (average of 3.8 boxes per tutor group)

A special mention must go to Mrs Earl's tutor group 7A1 who donated 22 boxes and Mr Groom's 7S1 who donated 25, which is absolutely incredible!!

Huge huge thanks once again for the overwhelming generosity.
The RRC Focus Group