GCSE Examinations 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian

Re: GCSE examinations 2021

Following recent events and announcements we have just heard that GCSE examinations will not take place this summer. As we had no foreknowledge of what was going to be announced, we do not have any further information to provide you at this stage but wanted to let you know this update as soon as we found out.

What we do know is that there will be a system similar to last year where we will need to continue to assess your child’s knowledge and skills in order to recommend their qualification grades. This will be completed fairly, consistently and with integrity.

It is really important that your child continues to work hard and submit all their work throughout this period of remote learning as well as when they are back in school. This is to ensure that they have completed their qualification courses and have a good basis for their studies next year, as well as to ensure we have plenty of evidence of their skills, knowledge and understanding. 

There will still be an element of assessment in all your child's subjects over the coming months so that we as a centre can award them the qualification grades that they are capable of achieving. From our experience last year, we know that if your child can show us that they are working at a particular level, then we can award them this grade. If we don’t have this evidence we will not be able to award a grade different from what we have seen.

Please be assured that we are still very much here for you and your child and will continue to be throughout their Wildern journey. Please do not worry about this announcement; as soon as we have further updates in the coming weeks from the Examination boards, including when we know how your child’s grades will be awarded this year, we will let you know. 

Best wishes

Mrs Cowan
Deputy Headteacher