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Open Evening 2020 Headteachers Presentation

With the COVID19 guidelines in place, we know that we cannot safely provide you with the traditional Open Evening this year. Instead, we are planning to do this remotely; designed to try and bring you as many of the elements from that evening to you at home, allowing your child and you to explore and experience life at Wildern.

New Room Numbers

Across the site, you will see (when you get back to school not only is there a one way system in place) there have been some wonderful school improvements in Block 2, 3 and 5 where the corridors have been painted and new doors have been added. We have taken your views into account about the numbering within the blocks that are not logical and so have renumbered Block 5 and 3 so that they make more sense. (See the attached sheet for the changes in room numbers). Hopefully you will agree that these improvements have made a difference!

Message from the Exams Office for Year 11

Dear Year 11

It has been lovely to see you over the last couple of days and for you to finally have your GCSE results. We hope you are celebrating all your fantastic achievements and enrollment is going well at your college of choice.