July 2018

As we draw to the close of yet another year we would like to begin by extending our sincere thanks to you all for your continued support of all we do at Wildern. Not simply the support of your sons and daughters but our whole school events and information evenings. We frequently talk about our partnership which is critical in securing the best outcomes and support for your youngsters. Parents’ attendance at all our events has been overwhelmingly positive and sends a clear message to our students that we are here for them.

Life in school is busy and moves at pace but it is always heartening to observe our youngsters embracing all the opportunities available to them. This of course depends on each individual’s interests but we hope that something this year has captured their imagination and perhaps they have even tried something different.

The world of education continues to evolve with many changes. Certainly the new style GCSE’s for English and Maths have happened this year and like you the parents we will wait and see how the new grading system will appear with numbers rather than letters. The Year 11 students were exceptional in both their attitude and determination. They truly deserve to do well and we look forward to welcoming them back in August to celebrate their individual successes. The prom once again saw glamour and glitz not to speak of the fabulous vehicles they arrived in, a wonderful night was had by all.

It continues to be a challenging year financially for all schools and Wildern has sadly not escaped that. Despite these challenges we remain determined that we will not compromise our provision, unlike a number of schools we continue to offer a full range of subjects and a broad and balanced curriculum for our students. We have had to reduce our expenditure more than we would wish but have, and will continue to ensure high quality teaching across the school.

The two new schools continue to move forward (pending planning permission) and as we progress we will keep parents posted and indeed share information. To begin with there will be updates on the Wildern website until the new schools websites are developed.

Can we thank you for your support with regards to uniform, Directors of Progress and Achievement will include some reminders in their end of year letters, working in partnership on this is invaluable. Finally we can confirm that the term ends on Wednesday 25 July 2018 at 1.00pm.

We wish you a very happy summer and look forward to working with you again in September.

Yours faithfully

Miss Litton & Mrs C Oakley