July 2017

We are nearly at the end of another year which has come round very quickly. The newsletter which is due home shortly will highlight considerable stories of success and achievements and in this my final blog of the year I will share some more.

I had great pleasure in shaking lots of students by the hand at our annual Awards Evening. We changed the format slightly this year with an additional act from the students and a reduction in speeches. Feedback of this slightly shorter format has been very positive. It is always a very proud night which recognises the achievements of students from Years 7 to 10.
It has been a year packed full of adventures and as you will read lots of team and individual success stories.

For those parents not aware we have added a new machine in the Dining Hall for students to use cash to top up their account for purchasing food, already this is proving very positive and brilliantly supports our cashless principle.

I hope you enjoy the following articles and indeed the newsletter when it arrives. I wish you all a great summer in whatever you are doing.

Maths Inspiration Event:


On Friday 16th June, 15 students in Year 10 represented Wildern at the Maths Inspiration event at Bohunt School. The day focused on A-Level and Further Mathematics and students had the opportunity to put their Mathematical skills to the test, by solving questions like the one above. Five out of the fifteen students that went finished in the top three teams, which is a great achievement. Students also had the opportunity to listen to a talk by Ben Sparks, a lecturer from the University of Bath, where they took part in discussions such as “where did numbers come from?” and learnt about imaginary numbers and their uses.

The students involved were Tiffany Biles, Amani Rakib, Leanne Salmon, Emily Snelling, Emma Plane, Thomas Russell, Amy Ross, Lucy Hawkins, Alexandra Shepherd, Matthew Ward-Garman, Finley Whale, Louis George, George Whiting, Lucas Lovelock-Dyal and Jacob Weems. Well done to all of them for taking part and in case you were wondering, the answer to the above question is zero.

Maths Challenges:

UKMT Junior Mathematics Challenge
Results of the Second Round Kangaroo
James Boocock 7P1 scored 68 points
Eliot Peck 8J2 scored 85 points
Matthew Richards 8D3 scored 63 points

maths challenge

In the Spring term students had the chance to take part in the University of Southampton Maths Challenge. Over 1000 students from schools around the South of England took part, attempting challenging and interesting Maths problems. We are so proud to have 6 of our students win a prize – what a fantastic achievement!

Congratulations to Ryan Thomas, Elliot Sharpe, Stephanie Harris, Oscar Sharpe, Sam Passingham and Sophie Atkins.

Eco Focus Group:

Students have been busy planning Eco Fortnight this year. They planned Digging Deeper sessions for all year groups, which included a treasure hunt around the school grounds and a photography competition. They planned a WOW to raise awareness of the issues with Biodiversity and extinction. They have delivered assemblies to explain the activities running in Eco Fortnight. They planned and coordinated a ‘Give a Bug a Home Day’, where Primary school students spent the day at Wildern building insect hotels in our school grounds. Some members of the group went to Freegrounds to help them to build an insect hotel in their own school ground. A final piece of work has been a charity day to raise money for the charity Fresh2O.

Annual Youth Conference:

In RE we are excited to be hosting the 3rd Annual Youth Voice SACRE Conference on 13th July. Seven schools from the county will be bringing Year 7 and 8 students to attend this conference. It is extra special because the SACRE Youth Voice team have organised this and will be facilitating on the day - our Wildern representatives being Tiffany Biles, Izzy Grogan, Izzy Kipling, Mohammed Mehdi and Jas Bassi. They decided the theme too which is one they feel is really important for students to explore and understand: Religion in the Media. Their key evaluation question will be: does the media stereotype? There will be workshops being led by Hampshire SACRE members and Winchester University lecturers to allow students to enquire into how religion is portrayed in the media. It should be a thought provoking and enjoyable day for everybody involved.

Hampshire School Games:

A group of our male dancers recently opened the Hampshire School Games in Aldershot. The dance and music certainly added a positive and inspiring start to the day. The dancers did a fantastic job and were a true credit to themselves and to Wildern and most definitely enhanced the event.

hampshire school games

Duke of Edinburgh:

The final Duke of Edinburgh trip for the Year 10's took place during the weekend of the 8th/9th July. They completed their expedition assessment in the New Forest. Excellent work by all 7 groups, they all passed this section with flying colours, very well done indeed! Onwards now to the next cohort of up and coming Year 10's, who will be able to sign up for DofE in September 2017.

To quote Mr Hoiles ‘An amazing bunch of students to spend the weekend with.’


Bletchley Park Computer Science Trip - Written by Mark W

On the 18th of May students from Year 7 and Year 8 went to Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes for a Computer Science trip. We saw a rare German code making machine called ‘The Enigma’. The Enigma has 15,000,000,000,000,000,000 combinations of making codes with letters. There are less than 20 machines still surviving, some in museums, some in private collections and one of them in Bletchley Park. It cost Bletchley Park £250,000.

We took a guided tour where the friendly guides told us that there were 10,000 people that had worked in Bletchley Park during World War II and who were entrusted not to tell anybody what was in Bletchley Park or what they were doing as jobs; some people thought it was a mental asylum! The people that worked there didn’t let slip anything, even to this day.

After we finished our guided tour we were free to go wherever we wanted to go in the park, but obviously with a teacher *rolls eyes*. Then we went to see a ‘fascinating’ exhibition about the pigeons who delivered letters to other British troops in WWII.

We also went to the museum to see a replica of ‘The Bombe’ working! It was amazing!

After all of the fun that we had, we finished the day of with a group photo.

Individual Success:

Marcus Scullion:

Marcus has had a very positive and successful swimming season and has for the second year been selected to swim for Hampshire in the National County Team Championships 2017. We wish him luck on 24th & 25th July were he will be competing in the British Summer National Championships 2017 at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

Madeline Cooper:

Madeline has continued to enjoy success in Triathlon. In her recent event The World Triathlon Championships in Leeds in what was a very high standard event Madeline came in 7th place, with the upper age group. She then came 1st in the T3 lower age placing. Next year Madeline will be upper T3 which she will be aiming for a podium position.

madeline cooper

William Latter:

William continues to enjoy success in Basketball and was recently involved in a tournament representing the U13 Regional squad.

william latter

Reuben Brown:

Congratulations to Reuben who secured a gold medal for the Southampton Diving Academy in the Swim England Diving National Age Group championships.