January 2019


Fantastic effort by the Wildern Philosothon team for 2019! We did not win, however the quality of the philosophical debate and the maturity shown was outstanding. Out of the three dialogues, two of our students won the "Star Philosopher" awards, which was especially significant given that our star philosophers were from Year 7 and 8 and the students competing were from Year 7 to 11!

Thanks to Mountbatten School as hosts

Charity Tour to Lesotho

Jack Moteane’s recently took part in a trip to Lesotho with the charity Kick4Life.

The charity use sport to help vulnerable children in Lesotho with an emphasis on providing awareness of the dangers of HIV and Aids. Lesotho currently has the second highest prevalence of HIV in the world at about 23%.

While he was  in Lesotho Jack took part in a number of activities. He visited 3 schools and took part in the HIV awareness sessions. He also attended a session where young Lesotho boys gave an overview of their life in Lesotho and the issues they face which are very different to the issues faced by a child in the UK.

Overall the trip was a wonderful experience for Jack and one that he will never forget

Here is a short video that was produced while he was on the tour.