Message to parents 16th July (September Opening)

Dear Parents,

We are already half way through this week ‚Äď where does time go?¬†Welcome to our new Year 7 parents who for the first time have been included in these communications.

And so, to Part II of my letter (only called this as the theme of Frozen is the same!), filled totally with the information that you need for the start of September. It is important that everyone who is part of our school community knows what is planned and what we are providing within the guidance framework. Guidance:

‚ÄėWhen we can see no future, all we can do is the next right thing‚Äô Pabbie, Frozen II

Once again, it has been a balancing act, one that follows the government guidance which is clear: all students are back at school; alongside how this looks in reality following the safety guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff as well as ensuring the learning needs of our students are met.

We know that we will not be able to please everyone and that everyone will have a different idea about how this could be achieved. However, what we have created is, we feel, a sensible and measured model, supported by robust hygiene procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Alongside this, we have endeavoured to ensure that when our students come in, they get the best possible support regarding their reintegration back into school life as well as for their learning.

‚ÄėBe prepared. Just when you think you found your way, life will throw you onto a new path‚Äô. General Mattias, Frozen II

Please remember that this plan is based on the guidance released July 2nd and we believe that the government is intending to review this mid-August and so we will do the same and will send you any amendments/updates week beginning August 24th in readiness for starting the term in the following weeks.

Attached to this letter are key documents. Our model, risk assessment, frequently asked questions, site plan and Year 7 outline.

The model is…

  • dependent on further government guidance and review.
  • flexible and adaptable. We will, in the first few weeks, make adjustments to what we have planned regarding the school site based on staff and student feedback on what can be improved or if more restrictions are lifted.
  • understanding. We have listened to our student views¬†about what they have said they need in helping them to adjust to returning to school.

‚ÄúPromise me we‚Äôll do this together.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Anna, Frozen II

What we are going to need to do is work together to make this plan come alive and work. The site will be different with the one way system but if everyone on site uses it, it will work. The best part of Wildern is that we work very much as one team; you know how important this is and how hard we will be working to make sure that your child(ren) are safe and also have the very best learning experience. As always your cooperation, support and positivity will help us to start the academic year 2020-21 confidently. I know that we can do this together.    

"Hands down, this is the best day of my life." Olaf, Frozen

After over 4 months of not having a student and staff-filled school, planning for the full return of everyone for September has been wonderful and whilst there are restrictions, having the site filled with chatter, laughter and conversation will be a very special moment. I hope that your child(ren) feel the same...I suspect that a snow day or two has always been longed for in the past but actually 18 weeks of 'snow' days isn't much fun and being a part of the school community amongst friends is something that, I am sure, each and every one of our students has missed. William Martin's poem suggests reassuringly that if we tend to the ordinary, then 'the extraordinary will take care of itself', this is what we are hoping as this new academic year starts to become a reality.

Best wishes

Ceri Oakley
Risk assessment Whole School for parents.pdf