Letter from Mrs Oakley - updated after GCSE Announcement from the Government 3rd April 2020

Dear Year 11,

I know that Mr Bateman has written to you already this morning. However, Ofqual have just announced how GCSE grades are to be awarded this year and we felt that you needed to know what has been said.

Attached is the letter they have sent to you via us:


You will see that this is a very fair way of awarding the grades. The information needs to be with the exam boards by the end of May so we have been given time to consider all evidence that we have about you as a school. Your class teachers know you very well and will be able to use all the data that they have on you - from your class work, self-study, NEA (coursework), practice exam results, all your WAD and much much more - to be able to provide the most likely grade that you would have achieved in the summer exams.

Once these grades are submitted the exam boards will moderate/standardise these grades across all centres, using a statistical methodology developed in conjunction with Ofqual to ensure fairness and parity.

We as yet do not know how you will receive these grades - whether it is from school like a usual results day or in some other way - again once we know we will let you know. What they have said is that these results will not come out later than the planned results day of Thursday 20th August.

Whilst writing to you, I thought I would share some key dates with you, that I hope you can keep free in your calendars.
Some of these dates were already planned and therefore they may still be appropriate... however as we get closer to each date we will know more:
Your Leavers assembly alongside shirt signing - 15th June
Your Prom - 3rd July

Other future dates in case these above get cancelled:
We would like to use the GCSE results day - Thursday 20th August - if we need to for shirt signing, leavers assembly and collection of hoodies and Yearbooks on this date.

Mrs Lea has already been in contact with the venue to secure an alternative date, but it must be stressed that this is only provisional. Please pencil into your diaries Friday 16th October. If this changes then we will of course keep you informed.

I would like to thank you all for your maturity in dealing with this difficult situation and hope that we are able to meet shortly to celebrate your five years at Wildern and the start of the next chapter...

However, at the moment, please follow all Government advice, stay indoors and look after yourselves and those around you. Keep active where possible indoors and try your best not to lose your patience with those close to you. The ongoing crisis will challenge everyone, so do your best to think of others first. I know you will.

Hope to see you all soon, best wishes

Ceri Oakley