Coronavirus Update - 12:00 - 21/5/20

Dear Parents,

Another week almost completed! I hope you have been able to enjoy the reduced lockdown rules to get out and about a little more especially with this gorgeous weather.

I wanted to write to you all before the bank holiday weekend to outline our plans for the Year 10 face to face sessions. I believe it is important that everyone who is part of our school knows what we have planned and what we are providing within the guidance from the government. This may very well be the basis and blueprint for how we operate in September if life hasn't returned to normal.

“Life's a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy.” Judy Hopps (Zootropolis)

It certainly has been a testing week balancing government guidance alongside how this may look in reality in our school so that we strictly adhere to safety guidelines and balancing the well-being of both our students (and you, their parents) and staff as well as the learning needs of our students.

We know that we will not be able to please everyone and that everyone will have a different idea about how this could be achieved based on their personal lockdown experiences. However, what we have created is, we feel, a sensible and measured model, supported by robust hygiene procedures to ensure everyone's safety.

Alongside this we have endeavoured to ensure that when our students come in they get the best possible support regarding their reintegration back into school life as well as for their learning.

Attached to this letter are key documents. Our model, our risk assessment and a draft outline of the timetable. The model is...

  • dependent on further government guidance. The guidance for secondary school face to face sessions has yet to be released.
  • dependent on the 5 indicators being met on 28th May.
  • dependent on our staffing numbers - at the moment we have 20 staff who are classified as clinically vulnerable/extremely clinically vulnerable and who cannot feature within this model but will be supporting our students from home with home learning tasks.
  • flexible and adaptable. We will, in the first few weeks, make adjustments to what we have planned (if necessary) based on student and staff feedback on what can be improved or if a great deal of restrictions are lifted we can add further sessions.
  • personalised. Students will receive an individual timetable with identified rooms and seat numbers for across the half-term.
  • understanding. Students who are classified as clinically vulnerable/extremely clinically vulnerable will be able to access all resources from the face to face sessions.

Next week, after Year 10 parents have digested the plan, we will send out a form to ask whether their child(ren) will be attending the programme.

This is a confusing and anxious time for all parents - wanting to make the correct decision for a child's learning, well-being and health. There will be no right or wrong decision; whatever you choose will be supported by us.

"The more we try and understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be" Judy Hopps (Zootropolis)

Whilst sessions for Year 10 students will potentially begin on the 10th June, we will still be providing supervision for our critical worker and vulnerable students as well as home learning for all Year groups. We will not be reducing either of these provisions, but do ask for your understanding of the increased time that our staff will be in school.

Home learning will continue however subjects may begin to set work for students on a weekly rather than a daily basis to accommodate face to face sessions. For example, if a student has 3 lessons of maths during a week these may all be set on Monday rather than on the days the maths lessons feature on a timetable. I am highlighting this because I would not want any student suddenly feeling overwhelmed should this happen. They will simply need to space the work out across the week or complete it on their timetabled days.

"Tomorrow is another day" Judy Hopps (Zootropolis)

It looks like the May bank holiday and subsequent half-term is going to be a scorching one overall. This will, always I believe, raise our spirits and provide a positive backdrop to what is happening.

However, as this is Mental Health awareness week this week, we still need to be reminded of how important it is to look after our own well-being; to ensure that any negative thoughts and worries are pushed away by appreciating where we are and what we have which hopefully will give us the strength, courage, confidence and a sense of calm to overcome any obstacles. We can do this!

Dont forget our Well-being Wednesday electronic leaflet and also all the information and links that can be found within the members area of our website. However, if you need us, please contact us.

"I have to fix this. But I can't do it without you" Judy Hopps (Zootropolis)

This has been how I have felt this week. I want our school back, with our students all learning and being happy, with our staff not feeling anxious or concerned. However, I have had to realise that it is not in my power to fix anything; all we can do is our very best together.

These are such unprecedented times (I think I had forgotten as I was getting used to the 'new' new!) that we just have to keep moving forward and making the 'new' our new, the new Wildern; whatever it looks like, I know that we have our students, our staff and you, all working together for the same outcome.

And finally...Zootropolis...another Disney+ watch. It's surprisingly good! I promise you, I do more than just watch films! However the wise young rabbit, Judy Hopps or if you would prefer Franklin D Roosevelt, wisely said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." We are in this for the long haul; I am sure there will be further twists and turns along the way but together we are stronger than we often know!

Take care - enjoy your bank holiday, stay safe and keep smiling!

Best wishes,

Ceri Oakley

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