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Year 9 Chromebook Scheme




We are pleased to announce that following the sucess of the current Year 9 chomebook Scheme, we are going ahead with taking orders for the current year 8 cohort, ready for the next school year! Many of you have indicated that you are buying Chromebooks privately and we can now advise that the initiative is going ahead so these devices will be able to be used in school from  September 2017. If you are still considering buying your own device then please read this page in order to find out more about a Chromebook and what the recommended specifications are.


How Do I Join The Chromebook Scheme?

In order to join the scheme you can pick your device from the following LINK. The login details for this portal can be found in the "Parent Information Pack" PDF below.


Please be aware: This portal will close on the 26th May 2017

Download Parent Information Pack  Download Parent Information Pack (PDF)


What is a Chromebook?

In recent years there has been a move away from the more traditional approach of installing applications to a computer and only having that data available on that one device. It is now more common to use a web-based application that stores your data securely in the cloud allowing you to pick up from wherever you left off on whatever device you happen to have.

A Chromebook is the next evolution of this by taking the Google Chrome browser and making it the sole focus of the laptop so that everything is accessed through a web browser. With the addition of the Chrome Extension/App ecosystem you are able to access a wealth of “Desktop-style” applications which wrap around web-based systems.

What are the key features?

Acer Chromebook R11

  • Speed

Because it is only running a web browser at its core there is less to load so it is faster to start up and be ready to use

  • Long battery life

With more of the effort being performed by the cloud the device can last longer between charges

  • Work online or offline

Various cloud-based apps can take advantage of local storage to ensure you can keep working offline. Your changes are then automatically synced when you next go online

  • Easy collaboration

Google Apps is built around collaboration so multiple people can edit a document at the same time and see each others changes allowing for true group working

  • Continuity

No matter what Chromebook you log into you will find everything as you left it because your settings and data is all stored in the cloud

  • Updates

Automatic updates happen without requiring your input meaning you always have the latest features and speed enhancements

  • Protected

Thanks to the automatic updates you will always have the latest virus protections and with your data stored in the cloud everything is already backed up for you

How does it work?

When you login to a Chromebook using a Wildern email address you will immediately have access to all of your email and documents stored in Google Drive as well as access to Google Classroom which many teachers have already started using to set homework and enhance lessons. You aren’t just limited to the Google Apps suite (email, docs, sheets) you also have access to the Internet and our curated list of extensions that support learning and revision. If you login to another Chromebook you’ll find all of your settings are already transferred across and you can keep working as normal.

How is it different from a normal laptop?

There are some obvious differences between a Chromebook and a normal laptop, such as the inability to install applications such as Photoshop or Microsoft Office as they require a full desktop Operating System (OS). However that does not mean you are not able to perform all of the same tasks as there are many online alternatives such as Pixlr Editor and Google Docs.

A Chromebook will also be of a lower overall specification than a traditional laptop, however that does not mean that it can’t do as much! On the contrary, a Chromebook can make full use of the cloud and web apps are able to process much more information far faster than a traditional device.

Finally a common misconception is that a Chromebook is useless without an Internet connection, unlike a normal laptop, however this is not the case thanks to offline storage meaning that Google Drive items can still be edited and many apps and extensions can still work even if just in a limited capacity until connected back to the Internet.

What if I want to buy my own Chromebook?

You are not required to get a Chromebook through the leasing scheme. If you would prefer to buy one yourself then it will work the same way as the leasing scheme devices once logged in with a Wildern email address. If you provide your own Chromebook then you will need to ensure that it is fully insured as the school will accept no responsibility for any damage, loss or theft and we will only be able to provide technical support for Google Apps when using a Wildern email address.

If you wish to buy your own Chromebook then please bear in mind the following minimum hardware specifications:

  • 802.11ac Wireless

  • Minimum 4GB RAM

  • Minimum 16GB Storage


If you are not using the leasing option and are buying your own Chromebook or you are unable/unwilling to participate in this initiative then please fill in the form here. This will help us guage uptake.

Where can I find out more?

If you still have more questions then you can find plenty of information directly from Google at however please feel free to drop us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



 Download FAQs  Download Parent FAQs (PDF)