Senior Leadership Team


Executive Headteacher: Miss Marie-Louise Litton

Miss Litton has strategic oversight of the school, community and other schools within the Trust. 


Headteacher: Mrs Ceri Oakley

Mrs Oakley is responsible for the day-to-day leadership management and operation of the school. She line manages all the Senior Team and has a passion for History Teaching.  


 Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral): Mr Mark Chance

Mr Chance is responsible for Pastoral Care and SEN. He line manages all Directors of Progress and Achievement (DOPAs) and teaches PE.


Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Natasha Cowan

Mrs Cowan is responsible for all things curriculum.  She line manages Science, English, Maths and teaches Maths.  


Assistant Headteacher (Student Progress): Mrs Michelle Wade

Mrs Wade is responsible for student progress and achievement. She line manages the Design and Technology department and teaches Science.


Assistant Headteacher (KS3): Mr Matthew Jones

Mr Jones is responsible for KS4, Year 11 examination preparation and interventions. He line manages the MFL and Creative and Media departments and teaches English.


Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning): Mrs Sally Wheeler

Mrs Wheeler is responsible for the development of teaching staff – SCITT, NQT and whole staff. She line manages the PE department and teaches Science.

MJK Photo

Assistant Headteacher (School ICT systems): Mr Matthew Knight

Mr Knight is responsible for all ICT systems across the Trust and the school. He line manages New Technologies within the curriculum and teaches Maths and ICT.

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 Assistant Headteacher (KS4): Mrs Amanda Warner

Mrs Warner is responsible for the timetable and our Pupil Premium Students.  She line manages the ICT department and teaches History.  


Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning): Mrs Ruth Thornton 

Mrs Thornton is responsible for KS2-3, KS3 and Self study, More able students and feedback across the school.  She line manages Humanities and MSS and teaches English.  


Assistant Headteacher (Community and the Arts): Miss Harriet Jones 

Miss Jones is responsible for Community and Arts across the School.  She line manages Media and Business Studies and teaches Dance.  


Head of Central Services: Mrs Hilary Manton

Mrs Manton oversees all aspects of school finance and all Central Services at Wildern and other schools within the Trust.