Year 7 catch up grant

The Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Pupil Premium Grant was allocated to schools to support all Year 7 learners who did not achieve expected progress in either English or Maths at the end of Year 6. 

In 2018-2019 the grant received to Wildern School totalled £29925

Wildern School has used this grant in a number of ways including:

  • The employment of Core Progress Assistants in English and Maths to support 'Catch Up Students' during their lesson time
  • Funding of Wave 3 interventions in reading and spelling for identified students
  • Purchasing of additional literacy and numeracy resources to support learners
  • Additional sessions at Wildern during the Summer term of Year 6
  • Additional sessions in English and Maths for the students starting their Wildern journey
  • An 'Apollo' Studies group to enhance the progression in numeracy and literacy.

Please see the attached report for more details.

Catch Up Report
Year 7 Catch Up Report 2018/19