Local Governing Board Parent Election 2021

20th April 2021
Dear Parent/Guardian

I wrote to you on 30th September to invite nominations for the vacancy for a parent governor on Wildern School’s Local Governing Body.  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions the process has been delayed but we are now in a position to continue and have two applicants for the vacancy.  As we have more candidates than vacancies, we must now hold a ballot.  You may vote for one of the candidates. 

Please be aware of the following:

• You should read the candidate statements.
• Each Parent/Guardian must vote on a separate electronic vote.
• Each Parent/Guardian is entitled to a number of votes equal to the number of vacancies, e.g. one vacancy one vote.
• Votes recording more than the required votes or marked in any other way will be invalid.
• Ensure your vote is returned by 3:00pm on Tuesday 4th May 2021.
If you have any queries about this process, please contact Annette Towgood, Clerk to the Trust Board, by email at a.towgood@wildern.org.
Yours faithfully
Glenda Lane
Chair to the Board of Wildern Academy Trust