April Letter about updated GCSE Year 11 evidence booklet 29.4.21


29 April 2021Β 

Dear Parents/Guardians

Before Easter we wrote to you with a booklet showing the evidence for every subject that has been used and agreed as a basis for the Current Level of Performance Grade and Step your son/daughter will receive in their last WAD of the year. This has now been collated based on existing evidence and will be checked and cross referenced with the evidence available at present by the Subject Leader and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. This is an extensive yet necessary process, to ensure the grades communicated to students and parents are robustly internally moderated and a true reflection of what their grades look like. We aim to send this data home as soon as possible, hopefully during the week beginning 10 May 2021.

On 31 March, Exam Boards released their GCSE grade resource materials and we have now had a chance to review these and finalise assessment plans for each subject. Attached to this letter is an updated booklet showing the evidence and assessment opportunities for every subject that will be used as a basis for the final GCSE grades your son/daughter will be awarded. The new assessments that will take place throughout this half term will be opportunities to β€˜uplift’ grades from the WAD 3 Current Level of Performance given.

Despite WAD 3 having been completed, we would like to reassure you that there is still time between now and the end of this half term for further 'uplifts' to take place as assessments will still continue over the next few weeks. Students can also ask for further assessments if they feel they need to provide further evidence to secure a grade they are aiming for.

A helpful Frequently Asked Questions is also available along with the JCQ guidance for students and parents which is attached also.

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Yours faithfully

Mrs N Cowan

Deputy Headteacher