Special Education Needs

The Learning Support Department works closely with other curriculum areas to ensure that the curriculum is presented in a way that is accessible and suitable for all students.

The Learning Support Department is line managed by Mrs S Giller, the SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-odinator) and Mrs J Fleeman (Deputy Senco). Mrs J Pointin is the Learning Co-ordinator and Mrs S Cready provides administrative support for the department. A team of teaching assistants are attached to particular year groups and they provide support to students who are on the Special Educational Needs Register. Pupils who require additional support are identified through liaison work with junior schools; regular screening; the school’s referral system and parents' concerns. Our aim is to support students in order to enable them to have access to the National Curriculum.

The school’s policy is that students with Special Educational Needs will be educated in normal classroom situations with their peers. The curriculum may be differentiated to meet their needs, some class sizes may be smaller and/or additional adult help may be provided on occasion within the classroom. Help is also given through direct teaching in small groups and through advice to subject teachers.

Some students may qualify for additional support for public examinations at key stages three and four. In these cases ‘Access Arrangements’ for individual students will be applied for following testing by the Learning Co-ordinator.

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