Rewards & Sanctions


We believe that motivating students by using appropriate rewards is one of the most important tasks we undertake as teachers.

We use rewards and sanctions to:

  • Create a secure, orderly and working environment
  • Raise student self-esteem and make them feel valued
  • Set goals for personal achievement
  • Reward a variety of qualities and activities
  • Provide opportunities for students to aspire to and assume responsibilities
  • Motivate and encourage students to do their best
  • Ensure effective teaching and learning can take place
  • Develop the students' sense of appropriate and inappropriate social behaviour

A variety of rewards include:

  • Verbal praise from staff
  • Letters home
  • Postcards home
  • Positive entry in planner
  • Green or gold electronic referral (E-Ref)
  • Certificates from Subject Areas and Pastoral Staff
  • Celebration in assemblies
  • Recognition in community newsletters and local press
  • Formal occasions such as Awards Evenings
  • Roles and responsibilities e.g. Prefects, Focus groups, Summit groups
  • Meetings with SLT/Directors


Wildern School uses a variety of sanctions. These include a verbal reprimand and short detentions. Longer detentions after school are also used including a 40-minute Subject and Year Detentions, and Senior Leader detention (1 hour) which are held on Fridays. For serious misbehaviour internal exclusions, fixed term exclusions and very rarely a permanent exclusion may be necessary.

Parents should note that a member of staff is permitted to keep any student for up to 10 minutes at the end of the day if they need to discuss a matter with them