Self-study is an integral part of the curriculum. The nature of the tasks varies from subject to subject and is set according to the student's ability. Self-study tasks are recorded by Students in the Student Planner and parents are asked to sign the Student Planner weekly. Tutors will regularly monitor and sign the Student Planner. Students are expected to meet self-study deadlines. At Wildern School we strongly encourage the active support of parents in ensuring self-study is completed on time. Completion of regular self-study helps students' academic development and has a positive impact on their overall achievement.


For most subjects in Year 7 and Year 8, students will receive Self-study tasks. These tasks are designed to, encourage independent learning and cater for different learning styles.

Students will have a project or series of tasks to complete over a period of weeks. Subject teachers will ask to see the completed tasks to check progress. Tasks will be marked by the teachers or the students themselves. Progress will be reviewed and students will be given guidance on how to improve their work before completing the project. At the end of the project students will have the opportunity to make short presentations and share what they have learnt with the class.

All the Self-study projects are accessible on the Wildern WIN. Students will be taught how to find the tasks on the VLE. The tasks contain detailed instructions of what to do and a variety of resources and web links which will help students to complete each task. If students do not have access to a computer at home they can book and use computers in the LRC where paper will be provided if they need to print.