At Wildern, the ASDAN course is designed for students to improve key transferable skills in a number of areas, such as problem solving, working with others, and planning and carrying out research. Most importantly, it is designed to improve the confidence of the students who have opted to take it, and increase their enthusiasm for the work that they do in school.

The ASDAN course provides students with a wide range of challenges, all designed to not only improve their chances of succeeding whilst they are at school, but also once they have left and are living independent lives. Research has shown that students who take ASDAN improve their GCSE grades by an average of 16% compared to similar students who have not have not completed the ASDAN course, as well as teaching them about issues that they will encounter once they have left school which are not covered in other subjects.

At Key Stage 4, students follow the ‘Certificate of Personal Effectiveness’ (CoPE), which is a series of projects and challenges that require them to create a portfolio of evidence that is moderated at the end of the course.

The projects and challenges are incredibly varied, so as to expose students to new ideas and issues that they will not necessarily come across in other subjects. These projects include such activities as comparing poverty in Britain to countries overseas, doing research on a site of archaeological significance, learning how much it would cost to furnish their first flat, and learning yoga positions and routines. Students are also able to visit Marwell in Year 11 in order to find out about the role it plays in animal conservation.