New Technologies

ICT Mark - Naace accreditation/E-safety mark

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The ICT Mark is an important accreditation as it validates the work we have been doing over many years using new technologies. Our aim has been to make technology pervade all areas of the school and integrate seamlessly so it is as such a natural part of school life. We want technology to be used to transform rather than simply replace old learning tools and practices; to take learning to the next level of thought and activity.

There is a multiplicity of activity in the use of technology inside and outside the classroom, which includes students being proficient in sound and lighting for productions to broadcasting from our radio station to the use of our 3-D printer to learning within the classroom, in order that our students are ready for the world outside of school.

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With all the work that takes place above, it is vitally important that e-safety is a major feature at Wildern. Every term students are given the most up to date information regarding how to remain safe on-line, as well as the focus in assemblies, tutor time digging deeper sessions and National E-safety day; it is alive, kept relevant and a visible part of everyday life of the school. This focus is not just for our students but also our staff, governors and our current and future parents with training taking place at our WINK events and at our primary schools. We are therefore very proud to have been awarded the 360 Degree e-safety mark which supports the work that we do.

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In order to support this work within school, Wildern is an Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC) and is committed to supporting teachers to develop confidence and skills in using Apple technologies to support learning 24/7.

Wildern has been a dual platform school since 2002 and has successfully implemented a BYOD (bring your own device) policy whereby our students can use their mobile phones for learning.

We run 12 free events over the academic year which have specific themes such as ‘movie making’ or competitive workshops like the ‘iPad Championships’. The workshops are all free and are run as afternoon or twilight sessions. These are often run by our digital leaders called iStudents who have great knowledge and are best placed to advise staff and other students about the ‘best’ apps for learning.