Christmas Shoe Boxes

The countdown to Christmas has begun and the collection date for the CHRISTMAS SHOE BOXES is this THURSDAY NOVEMBER 2nd at morning registration in the d.@rt Centre.

If you need more leaflets please collect these from the desk at the d.@rt reception. I also have some wrapping paper.

Please remember the following:

All boxes should be nicely wrapped in Christmas paper
Consider whether the box contains items that you would be happy to give to a relative or friend - this may be the only gift that the receipient gets this year, so make it special
On the top of the box stick a label ( contained in the Rotary leaflets) and fill in what age and gender the gift is for
On the same label, in the main box that asks who the gift is from, please write your tutor group, and if the gift is from an individual add the house to the name e.g Josephine 7A1. This will help us to make sure that you are allocated the correct number of house points.
On the top of the box sellotape a £1 coin to help pay for transport. If you have more than one box, please make sure that there is £1 per box
If you have any members of the Community Focus Group in your tutor group. Please could you remind them to come to the d.@rt by 8.30am on Thursday morning to coordinate the collection.

Please help us to make a difference.