Sport Relief - Mind, Body and Soul

On the 23rd of March 2018, the Mind, Body and Soul Focus Group organised various activities for students to get involved with in order to raise money for Sports Relief. The funds we raise contribute to anti-malarial drugs, healthcare for young children and helping with mental health issues, amongst other amazing projects which help people all over the world.


The Mind, Body and Soul Focus Group had been busy for weeks before the event, planning engaging and exciting events for all the school to get involved with. Like always, we organised the day to be non-uniform in exchange for a pound from each person who participated, which never fails to raise a substantial amount of money as many students jump at the opportunity to wear their own clothes. In conjunction with this we held activities such as a Danceathon in the Sports Hall, a penalty shoot out and busking outside block five, all of which allowed pupils to donate more money towards the worthy cause. Not only were we busy on the day with these activities, but in the week leading up to the event, the focus group were out busily selling wristbands to staff and students and promoting the activities through our first ever Wildern does MasterChef competition.

Overall we were able to raise £1450 as well as £180 from the wristbands, another fantastic turnout which will make a difference to so many lives across the country and the globe for the better.

Written by Megan R, Connie S and Beth W from the Mind, Body and Soul focus group.