Rochelle Smicle-Thompson appointed as Governor of University Hospital Southampton

Former Wildern Student Rochelle Smicle-Thompson helps to shape the future of our local hospital, and the NHS, after being appointed as a Governor of University Hospital Southampton.  

Rochelle is currently a student at Richard Taunton College studying A Level Biology, Chemistry, English Literature & Music.  After submitting a written application she successfully undertook an interview with members of the Southampton Clinical Commissioning Group.  Securing the role of the Under 21 Governor means that she has the responsibility of gathering the views of her peers and giving them a voice at the highest level of the organisation.  

Speaking about the opportunity Rochelle said: 

I had previously been part of a research group when I had my appendix removed, and I really enjoyed being able to give feedback and put my opinions across, so this role was the perfect opportunity to continue to help in this way.  The interview for the role was a little nerve wracking, having to face a panel of interviewers, but they were all really friendly and put me at ease.  During the process I had to speak about any relevant experience I had, and they asked questions that evaluated my reasoning and judgement skills - because the role plays a part in helping to influence decisions that affect so many people.  

I'm looking forward to being able to give feedback on how the trust can help the hospital and those who use it.  I'm thinking of applying for medicine, so to get an insight into how it all works and being involved in decisions that might help shape my future is really exciting".