Latest News

Outrun Cancer 2018

After the fantastic success of the Wildern Outrun Cancer fun run last year, the Mind, Body and Soul focus group are organising another run on Tuesday 3rd July from 3:15-4:30(ish) on the school field.

Mud Clubbers

On Friday 25th May 9 Mud Clubbers set up their 1m x 1m garden to the theme of ‘A Wildlife Garden’ At RHS Wisley near Guilford.

University of Southampton Senior Mathematics Challenge

Congratulations to R.Thomas and S.Deacon (both Y10) with their Certificates of Distinction gained for the University of Southampton Senior Mathematics Challenge (aimed at Y9/10 pupils) which they collected in a ceremony on Wednesday night at the university. Over 600 pupils took part in the competition nationally.

Wessex athletics league

Congratulations to D.Kimber (Yr 8) who recently competed in the Wessex athletics league in Bournemouth. He gained a personal best of 12:80 secs in U15 80 m hurdles, he is currently ranked 3rd in SE England and 5th in the UK for his age group.

GDPR Latest News

Data security is as important now as it’s ever been before. We’re all aware of the importance of keeping our personal data secure and at Wildern School we understand that when we hold data, and we have a responsibility to protect it.

Bletchley Park Computer Science Trip


On the 17th of May students from Yr7 went to Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes for a Computer Science trip. We saw a rare German code making machine called ‘The Enigma’. The Enigma has 15,000,000,000,000,000,000 combinations of making codes with letters. There are not many machines still surviving, but Bletchley Park has 13 of them! It cost Bletchley Park £250,000 to buy each one.

Sport Relief - Mind, Body and Soul

On the 23rd of March 2018, the Mind, Body and Soul Focus Group organised various activities for students to get involved with in order to raise money for Sports Relief. The funds we raise contribute to anti-malarial drugs, healthcare for young children and helping with mental health issues, amongst other amazing projects which help people all over the world.