Year 10 Letter from Mr Denman 9th June 2020

Dear all Parents, Carers and Students

Here is your guide for your return to School. I know you will all have been anxious to know and understand fully how this will happen so please read carefully. The individual student timetables have been sent in the post and should arrive with you this week if they haven’t already done so. We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible but there of course may still be questions. If after reading through these guidelines you still have questions then please do contact me.

I would also like to take this opportunity once again to thank you all for your support and patience. I know how difficult the last few weeks have been for you all. There are so many personal facets that have made this situation difficult, confusing and scary for us all. I hope mixed in there somewhere you have also been able to see some positives and take some joy from the simple things in life.

For us, to be able to stand up in a classroom with young people in front of us, even in this reduced capacity, offers a glimmer of normality that we have all been craving.

This plan can only work safely if all Students, Parents and Staff work together. So, please read through carefully and as I said, if you have any questions then we are here to guide and support throughout.

Yours sincerely

Mr Denman
Year 10 Director of Progress and Achievement

Year 10 Return to School Guidance