We will use this page to answer any FAQs regarding the Coronavirus Closure 

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Q: What if my child is sick and they cannot complete the work set?

A: Please email the school absence line and we will add this to our register so that staff are aware that your child is sick.

Q: Where is the parent information booklet that was emailed home

A: Please click here 

Q: Where is the student information booklet that was emailed home

A: Please click here

Q I am returning to work on 15th June, can I send my child into school

A: Only 'eligible' students may attend school These are students in Year 10, who should only attend their allocated face to face session, and children of critical workers and students classed as vulnerable. Critical workers are on the list here 

Q: How do I tell you I'm a key worker?

A. Please click here and complete the form

Q: I can't see the emails sent from the school

A: All emails have been sent to all priority 1 email contacts with parental responsibility.  Some parent email accounts have returned the mail due to the inbox being full please check this.  Also look in the SPAM folder and add the school email address to your contacts folder.  

Q: Where can I get access to fitness classes, workouts and yoga for free

A: Wildern Leisure Centre are offering classes on their Facebook page. These can be accessed live and also used at another time.

Alternatively, you can go to This company have offered all teachers and students free access to their Yoga, HIIT, Barre and 7 minute workout classes. You must sign up using your school email for free access.

Q: Where is the email sent to Year 11 Parents / Students on 18th March 2020

A: Click here to see the email sent to students and parents on the evening of 18th March

Q: What is happening with Careers now?

A: Whilst direct face-to-face IAG is difficult the EBP Careers Team have put together some career resources and a URL link plus from 2nd April there will be a dedicated email that students/parents can ask questions through. The email address is

Q: What updates are there for Year 11?

A: Information about shirt-signing, leavers assembly, what is happening with student GCSE's will come to you via your school emails once we know more from the government and can plan next steps. Click here for the summer term message sent to all Year 11 students including the Year 11 Google Drive with resources in it

Q: Where can my child go for support if they are feeling anxious or concerned?

A: Please go to the Wildern WellBeing Menu on the website (under the Information tab), it has a range of support interventions and online help. Alternatively, your child can contact their DOPA. Please note that the Student Services office is not open during the school closure.

You can also download the ThinkNInja App which has lots of support and guidance.

Q: How do I contact the school during a closure?

A: You can contact us by email, please use If you are having difficulties logging into password-protected areas or need a password reset, please use

Q: Where do I find the link to Joe Wick's PE classes

A: Click here for Joe Wick's YouTube Channel

Q: Where can I find Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

A: Click here for the 11 am Audio Stories from David Walliams 

Q: My child's attendance is showing as a red X or a Y what is this?

A: This is the code we are using as exceptional circumstances and will not reflect on their overall attendance figure at the end of the year

Q: I am having problems completing the Year 8 pathways form?

A: Please email if you have a question about the pathway itself. If you are having difficulties logging in, please email

Q: Where can my child go for support if they are feeling anxious or concerned?

A: Can this have the Answer: Each student can click on the wellbeing area of their members homepage to access advice and guidance. It provides links to local and national support. Students can also contact their DOPA.