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We attach great importance to ensuring that our students are prepared for life after Wildern. Our five-year programme ensures that we support, guide and provide the latest information to help our students make the right decisions, have high aspirations to pursue their dreams.

Curriculum support

Specific careers lessons take place in each group.

Year 7 Students will complete careers modules as part of the ‘Preparation for Life’ lessons. They have a SUN (Southern Universities Network) presentation that identifies and makes links between option choices and future careers.

Year 8 Careers lessons remain as part of the ‘Preparation for Life’ lessons and specifically, look at ways of supporting students with their pathway choices by giving them ideas about how different subjects will be useful for different careers. Students will have access to a range of careers websites including ‘U Explore’. Some identified students in Year 8 will get the opportunity to take part in different speed networking events. This allows students to meet local business providers and gain invaluable information about several different career sectors.

Year 9: The focus in Year 9 is effective communication. The students will be involved in a ‘Business enterprise day’ during the summer term where they will work alongside business mentors identifying a range of key employability skills.

In Years 9, 10 and 11, students will study careers modules in Culture, Society and Identity (CSI). These will explore many aspects of the world of work including responsibilities, employment rights, discrimination and other areas that will help students in their working life.

Year 10: In Year 10, the ‘College Ready, Careers Ready’ programme begins with preparation for their career choices and future destination and culminates with a ‘You are Hired’ unit which develops skills in CV writing, applications and interview skills. In conjunction with their CSI programme, all Year 10 students also have the following careers specific programme which enables them to make clear links between theory and practice:

September: Wildern Careers Fair. This event allows all students in Year 10 to meet post 16 college providers, local business and apprenticeship providers. This aims to get students really focused about the forthcoming post 16 choices at a vital stage in their education.
June: Mock Interviews. This event is to enable all students to experience a real interview in preparation for interviews at post 16 colleges or for apprenticeships.
June /July: College Taster Days. All students have the opportunity to spend a whole day in two different colleges in order that they can really begin to understand what life is like in college and how they differ. This is intended to support their preparation for their decision in Year 11.

Year 11: In Year 11, the ‘College Ready, Careers Ready’ programme continues in CSI lessons where students look at college prospectus’ and post 16 pathways. They also look at the application process in the Apply Yourself unit. Both units link to the careers focus for the year:

September: Wildern Careers Fair. All students are invited to attend the Careers Fair to meet representative from colleges, universities and apprenticeship providers. They will also have the opportunity to meet local business providers from a wide range of career sectors.

September: Colleges assemblies. We invite a number of different post 16 providers to come and speak to students in assembly about their college the courses on offer and application process.

September to December: Careers guidance. Students receive careers guidance either in small groups or individually depending on specific needs and future destination data.

September to April: Applications to colleges and apprenticeships. We strongly recommend that applications are made to several institutions to ensure sufficient scope once exam results are out in the August.

February: Apprenticeship application sessions. Ian Henser the careers advisor will meet with small groups of students who wish to get an apprenticeship and support the imn writing their applications.

December to April: College Applications and interviews.

Further support

A careers library is available in the Learning Resource Centre. Students can go there at any time to access the information that will help them as they move on from Wildern.

We have a careers advisor, Ian Henser who works within the careers area in the LRC on a Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday. He will meet all students in Year 11 at least once and have 1-2-1 interviews with all of them. He will also meet with identified Year 10 students during the summer term. During the pathways process in Year 8 Ian will also meet with identified individuals and groups of students to support with making option choices. Ian is available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for drop in sessions available at break, lunchtimes and afterschool.

All students within the school will have access to the ‘UExplore’ careers programmes which can be used both inside and outside of school. This programme has key information about different career sectors, examination requirements for different careers and is easy to navigate around for information about all types of careers options and choices.

There are careers noticeboards available for students to look at key dates and information, along with Alumni posters and ‘Job of the month’ posters. This information is put together by a careers focus group made up of students from across the different year groups.


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