Supporting every student

Care is high on our list of priorities. To us this means respecting community values like honesty, integrity and concern for others in an ever changing world; so at Wildern we are there to provide support, guide and care to help our students make the right decisions. Through our pastoral care, we ensure that our students feel safe, understood and are valued as individuals.

We attach great importance to ensuring that the transition to Wildern is a positive experience for all students. Close links with our primary schools are fostered throughout the year culminating in an induction day and evening that enables youngsters to visit Wildern, meet staff and take part in lessons. It is our belief that a happy student is one that will thrive.

Students requiring extra help ahead of joining us can take advantage of a number of programmes including additional orientation days, focused literacy and numeracy days and a summer school. These early interventions through our Learning Support department, teaching assistants and teaching staff can help support the transition and learning undertaken in Year 7.

We have a very strong pastoral team. Five Directors of Progress and Achievement (DOPAs) lead a team of 12/13 tutor groups which stay together for tutor time and Digging Deeper sessions each morning. Tutors monitor attendance and behaviour whilst promoting and supporting academic progress.

In addition, the school offers the Transition Leaders service to students experiencing problems. This enables them to turn to a fellow student for advice and support.

There is also a school counsellor who provides support on a referral basis and we also have close links with a range of external agencies should the need arise.

In a world where our students need to navigate between what is right and wrong, good and bad, we believe that the support and guidance we provide will help their choices through life, encourage their love of learning and develop them as formidable citizens for the future.