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In a world where we are constantly being reminded of global warming and the need to be sustainable, we believe that it is extremely important for our students to understand the implications of their actions to their community, their world.

At Wildern, through our curriculum programmes, we highlight these issues and ensure that all students are committed to improving the environment and see that they can make a difference, no matter how small from switching off lights, recycling paper to reducing their carbon footprint.

To this end, the school has achieved recognition for its work in this area.

In 2016, we achieved the Green Flag Award, after an assessment of our school practices led by our Eco-students. Demonstrating the continued success of the Eco Group and their dedication to ensuring students across the school understand the importance of our environment.  The following paragraphs are taken from the 2016 report:

"I was particularly impressed by the organisation and management of the Eco-Schools work. It is a difficult task to accommodate sustainability in such a way that it reaches everyone, but Wildern appears to have done that both by holding Eco Fortnights and special days and by using tutor time well. It is good to see that the wonderful efforts of the Eco-Coordinator and the students are appreciated by the Senior Leadership Team and that sufficient time is allocated.

The creativity of the students in the Eco Committee in ensuring that their planned activities get through to the school was remarkable, and I was impressed by the degree of autonomy accorded to these students. The result was an outpouring of youthful energy and enthusiasm that was manifested in the various activities, quizzes and videos they produced. Well done everyone".

In 2016, students from local Primary schools took part in our ‘Give a Bug a Home Day’, which promoted the message of Biodiversity, our theme for the year. Eco students held assemblies and designed tutor programmes and competitions, to highlight the importance of Biodiversity in our world and how they can make a difference.

This year, we hope to raise money for the charity Fresh2O, whose aim is to ensure that every person, wherever they are in the World, has access to clean water. These types of events, further highlight the need for students to take responsibility for their World and always work towards improving it.

In 2014, Wildern had solar panels attached to the roof of the Leisure Centre and the Wave in order to support sustainable power. To see live graphs of the energy generated, click here.

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