Final Totals for Rotary Shoe boxes

Thank you to all who supported the Rotary Shoe Box Appeal, whether through their tutor groups or individually.

All boxes that have been received by 9am this morning have counted to the house competition.

We can continue to take boxes until the end of today only as they are being sorted buy Hedge End Rotary Breakfast Club tomorrow morning and taken to the docks on Monday

Before I post the results, a small plea. We have had several boxes that have come in without the required £1 transport donation. If any lovely staff would be willing to pop a £1 over to us today to help make all boxes complete this would be amazing!

Final total of boxes this morning comes to....150 BOXES

House totals are as follows

ALBA - 38 boxes

PAXTON - 30 boxes

BEDFORD - 23 boxes and a £4 donation

DRISCOLL - 21 boxes

SOVEREIGN - 21 boxes

JUBILEE -17 boxes

Top Tutor Groups

7A2 12

7A1 9

8D2 8

8A2 7

7B2 7

10P2 7

Huge thanks to all groups who participated from the Community Focus Group (INTERACT CLUB)