E-safety Focus Group

The E-safety Focus Group recently took part in a workshop led by the Hampshire Police Youth Commission. The workshop was called GOFISH (GO Find Internet Safety Help). GOFISH is a pilot cyber ambassador scheme which informs students how to educate and offer support to their peers on how to make the most of the internet and stay safe. You can view more information about the scheme on the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner's website. (We are mentioned on this webpage at the bottom!)

The day was a huge success and the following students were an absolute credit to Wildern School:

Year 9

Aryton Chainey
Matthew Bunday
Jake Turton
Year 10

Holly White
Tiffany Field
Amy Thompson
Maisy Stewart
Matthew Bungey
They acted maturely, contributed to all the discussions / sessions and behaved very well throughout the day.

During the workshop a lot of ideas were given on how the students could now support others regarding e-safety. Some of the ideas were to do assemblies, train others in tutor time, run workshops or have drop in sessions at lunch. I shall be discussing these ideas and more with senior management and hope to start them soon.

At the end of the day students were awarded a certificate. Professional photographs were also taken and a press statement was made for local newspapers.