Summer term message for Year 11 students

Dear Year 11

We should have been welcoming you today for your last term at Wildern, preparing to sit your exams and celebrating the end of Year 11. We hope you have been keeping safe and well and all is ok.

Some of you have been in touch about the government announcements on GCSE grades. We have no further information since Mrs Oakley wrote to you on 3rd April; we are starting to work with the exam boards to ensure you get the grades you have worked for, but have been told that under no circumstances are we to discuss these grades with you. Please refrain from contacting teachers about these.

It has been lovely to hear from some of you who have asked about work you could be doing to support your transition to college. We have been in touch with our link colleges to ask them for further guidance for you and they will issue this in the coming weeks and months.

Given there could be a six month gap between finishing Year 11 and starting Year 12, it would be good to keep your brain ticking over with some work in the subjects you plan on continuing next year. This is all optional and will not be monitored by us, but we would highly recommend working through some of the resources below to help make your return to education in September as smooth as possible.

We have collated resources recommended to aid the transition between GCSEs and A Levels and other Level 3 courses into a folder here. There are subject specific links, workbook links and suggestions and we will continue to add to this as we receive more from local colleges or national programmes. If you are going to study Maths or Sciences, there are transition workbooks available to download for free from Amazon that you could work through as well.

One of the folders contains resources from PiXL. They have created a programme called LORIC which suggests you use the time you have now to explore resources such as podcasts, videos, articles and research in order to develop your understanding of the subjects you plan to study. The programme also supports you to demonstrate that you are open-minded and have a love of learning outside of the classroom; you can use examples from these resources to discuss at interview/application that you have completed the reading and research that makes you a critical thinker and, most importantly, interesting to teach. The outline of this programme is attached.

The PiXL Project Future folder includes some suggestions of activities you can do to help you think about future career paths as well as develop your employability skills. Again, these will give you examples to talk about in an interview for any part time jobs you are applying for. Information about this is attached.

Remember, we are still here for you and happy to support you and answer questions where we can. Please continue to follow government guidance and stay safe.

Best wishes

Mrs Cowan

Student Pamphlet Y11-Y12