First Aid Room

During the course of a normal school day it is not uncommon for some children to become unwell, or be involved in a minor accident which requires some first aid.

The school has a qualified first-aider on site during the school day who has the provision of a rest room. All students are made aware of this facility and the routine to adopt if a visit is required.

Often the student is able to return to normal school work. If this is not possible it may be necessary for First-aider to contact parents quickly or take other urgent action. For this reason it will be necessary to obtain details of the student’s doctor, emergency telephone numbers, medical history, etc. Before students are admitted to the school, parents complete a medical form.

Parents are asked to inform school of any changes in the details.Parents need to inform the Tutor/First aid room of details regarding courses of medication being followed. Students requiring long-term medication during the school day have the supplies kept in the First aid room. Students must not carry pills, etc. on them as these could be lost or misused. Parents must discuss any medication with the First aid room and complete the appropriate form.

Regular medical inspections and vaccinations are carried out in school. Parents are informed of these in advance of the date of the examination in case they wish to be present.

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